IEA net zero by 2050 report

A comparison of today's energy mix (top) and the IEA net zero by 2050 mix (bottom). I used the IEA report and the Glex energy calculator to make the figure. The red arrows show some challenges: 76 times CO2 sequestration, 8 times critical metals, and 3 times use of land area. Clearly, every decision has implications in terms of resources. Notice that the IEA 2050 scenario meets the demands of a slightly smaller population than today's at the current energy consumption per capita. Obviously, we expect a larger population in 2050 (though population growth rate is decreasing), but IEA is also including in their scenario behavioural changes that will lead to less energy consumption per capita. Let's hope this is the case!


Applicants to geology and petroleum programs

The plots below show the relation between the number of first-option applicants and the oil (Brent) price (USD), for undergraduate programs in Norway in geology (top) and petroleum (bottom). What do these plots tell us? Are the geology and petroleum programs in Norway responding to the energy and climate, local and global challenges of society today? Interestingly, from 2020 or so, it has been difficult to track these numbers since most programs are changing their name from "petroleum" to "energy", or they have been closed.