Cloud Computing

CloudCom 2009 – Draft program

Nov.30 16:00 -- 18:00 Registration

Day 1: Dec. 1st
8:00 9:00
9:00 9:30
9:30 10:30
10:30 11:00
11:00 12:30
12:30 13:30
13:30 15:00
15:00 15:30
15:30 17:00
Welcome address
Keynote 1: James Yeh, IBM
coffee break
Session Full 1 Session Full 2
Session Full 3 Session Full 4
coffee break
Session Full 5 Session Full 6
Drink Reception

Day 2: Dec. 2nd
8:00 9:30
9:30 10:00
10:00 11:00
11:00 11:30
11:30 12:30
12:30 13:30
13:30 15:00
15:00 15:30
15:30 17:00
Session short 1 Session short 2
coffee break
Keynote 2: Geoffrey Fox, IU
coffee break
Keynote 3: Chunming Rong, UiS
Session Full 7 Session Full 8
coffee break
Panel session
Conference Banquet

Day 3: Dec. 3rd
8:00 9:00
9:00 9:30
9:30 10:30
10:30 11:00
11:00 12:30
12:30 13:30
13:30 15:00
15:00 15:30
15:30 16:30
Session short 3 Session short 4
coffee break
Keynote 4: Rajkumar Buyya, UM
coffee break
Session Full 9 Session Full 10
Session Full 11
coffee break
Session short 6 ultra Short-short 5
end of conference

Day 4: Dec 4th
9:00 14:00
Social event

Full Papers
Security and Reliability (Full 1)

149 Yuanshun Dai, Yanping Xiang and Yi Pan
Self-Healing and Hybrid Diagnosis in Cloud Computing

55 Erdal Cayirci and Chunming Rong
Snow Leopard Cloud: A Multi-national Education Training and Experimentation Cloud and Its Security Challenges

59 Zhe Fang, Minglu Li, Chuliang Weng and Yuan Luo
Dynamic Malicious Code Detection Based on Binary Translator

Privacy (Full 3)

44 Siani Pearson, Yun Shen and Miranda Mowbray
A Privacy Manager for Cloud Computing

97 Åsmund Ahlmann Nyre and Martin Gilje Jaatun
Privacy in a semantic cloud: What's trust got to do with it?

84 Sadie Creese, Paul Hopkins, Siani Pearson and Yun Shen
Data Protection-Aware Design for Cloud Services

75 Siani Pearson and Andrew Charlesworth
Accountability as a Way Forward for Privacy Protection in the Cloud

Authentication, access control and IDS (Full 5)

140 Luokai Hu, Shi Ying, Kai Zhao and Hua Cui
Towards an Approach of Semantic Access Control for Cloud Computing

176 Hongwei Li, Yuanshun Dai, Ling Tian, Haomiao Yang
Identity-Based Authentication for Cloud Computing

20 liang yan, chunming rong and gansen zhao
Strengthen Cloud Computing Security With Federal Identity Management Using Hierarchical Identity-based Cryptography

113 Toshikazu Uemura, Tadashi Dohi and Naoto Kaio
Availability Analysis of a Scalable Intrusion Tolerant Architecture with Two Detection Modes

Cloud/Grid Architecture (Full 2)

85 Markus Winter
Data Center Consolidation: a Step towards Infrastructure Clouds

121 Abdulrahman Azab and Hein Meling
Decentralized Service Allocation in a Broker Overlay Based Grid

78 Shengqi Yang, Bai Wang, Haizhou Zhao, Yuan Gao, Bin Wu
DisTec: Towards a Distributed System for Telecom Computing

169 Meng Xu, Dan Gao, Chao Deng, Zhiguo Luo and Shaoling Sun
Cloud Computing boosts Business Intelligence of telecommunication industry

Virtualization and Resource management (Full 4)

158 Xiaoxin Wu, Way Wang, Ben Lin and Kai Miao
Composable IO: A Novel Resource Sharing Platform in Personal Clouds

76 Waheed Iqbal, Matthew Dailey and David Carrera
SLA-Driven Adaptive Resource Management For Web Applications on a Heterogeneous Compute Cloud

168 Gansen Zhao, Jiale Liu, Yong Tang, Sun Wei, Feng Zhang, Xiaoping Ye, Na Tang
Cloud Computing: A Staticstics Aspect of Users

86 Kyrre Begnum, Nii Apleh Lartey and Lu Xing
Cloud-oriented virtual machine management with MLN

Service Oriented Computing and SaaS (Full 6)

47 Hyun Jung La and Soo Dong Kim
A Systematic Process for Developing High Quality SaaS Cloud Services

138 Cheng Zeng, Xiao Guo, Weijie Ou, Dong Han
Cloud Computing Service Composition and Search Based on Semantic

146 Xuhui Li, Hao Zhang, Yongfa Zhang
Deploying Mobile Computation in Cloud Service

154 Li Qin, Bing Li, WeiFeng Pan and Tao Peng
A Novel Method for Mining SaaS Software Tag via Community Detection in Software Services Network

Search, databases and statistics (Full 8)

62 Yong Gang Wang, Sheng Wang and Da Liang Zhou
Retrieving and Indexing Spatial Data in the Cloud Computing Environment

171 Jinyu Han, Min Hu, Hongwei Sun
Search Engine Prototype System Based on Cloud Computing

172 Ji Qi, Ling Qian, Zhiguo Luo
Distributed structured database system HugeTable

105 William Voorsluys, James Broberg, Srikumar Venugopal and Rajkumar Buyya
Cost of Virtual Machine Live Migration in Clouds: A Performance Evaluation

High performance computing (Full 7)

165 Baopeng Zhang, Ning Zhang, Honghui Li, Feng Liu, Kai Miao
An Efficient Cloud Computing-based Architecture for Freight System Application in China Railway

106 Huan Liu and Sewook Wee
Web Server Farm in the Cloud: Performance Evaluation and Dynamic Architecture

82 Ilango Leonardo Sriram
SPECI, a simulation tool exploring cloud-scale data centres

87 Chen Zhang and Hans De Sterck
CloudWF: A Computational Workflow System for Clouds Based on Hadoop

Load balancing and scheduling (Full 9)

56 Laiquan Han, Jinkuan Wang, Cuirong Wang
A novel multipath load balancing algorithm in fat-tree data center

132 Xiangyang Jia, Shi Ying, Chunlin Chen, Luokai Hu
Scheduling Active Services in Clustered JBI Environment

108 Bo Wang
Task Parallel Scheduling over Multi-core System

120 Nicolas Grounds, John Antonio and Jeff Muehring
Cost-Minimizing Scheduling of Workflows on a Cloud of Memory Managed Multicore Machines

New cloud paradigms (Full 10)

88 Mufajjul Ali
Green Cloud on the Horizon

64 Tomasz Wiktor Wlodarczyk, Chunming Rong and Kari Anne Haaland Thorsen
Industrial Cloud: Toward Inter-Enterprise Integration

66 Gerard Briscoe and Alexandros Marinos
Community Cloud Computing

111 Xiaoming Zhang
A Semantic Grid Oriented to E-Tourism

Miscellaneous (Full 11)

153 Jin Liu, Fei Liu, Jing Zhou, ChengWan He
Irregular Community Discovery For Social CRM In Cloud Computing

133 Yangfan He, Lu Li, Keqing He, Xiuhong Chen
A Context Information Acquisition Approach Based On Semantics And Mashup Technology

80 Shadi Ibrahim, Hai Jin, Lu Lu, Li Qi, Song Wu and Xuanhua Shi
Evaluating MapReduce on Virtual Machines: The Hadoop Case

103 Yang Li, Zheng Li, Nenghai Yu, Ma Ke
APFA: Asynchronous Parallel Finite Automaton for Deep Packet Inspection in Cloud Computing

Short Papers
Reliability and Security ( short 1)

37 Jing-Song Xu, Ru-Cheng Huang, Wan-Ming Huang and Geng Yang
Secure Document Service for Cloud Computing

79 Xin Huang, Yin He, Yifan Hou, Lisi Li, Lan Sun, Sina Zhang, Yang Jiang, Tingting Zhang
Privacy of Value-added Context-aware Service Cloud

157 Jeff Sedayao, Steven Su, Xiaohao Ma, Minghao Jiang and Kai X Miao
A Simple Technique for Securing Data At Rest Stored in a Computing Cloud

125 Chen Danwei, Huang Xiuli and Ren Xunyi
Access Control of Cloud Service based on UCON

69 Lihua Ai, Siwei Luo
Replica Replacement Strategy Evaluation Based on Grid Locality

150 Bo Yang, Feng Tan, Yuan-Shun Dai, Suchang Guo
Performance Evaluation of Cloud Service Considering Fault Recovery

Cloud/Grid Architecture ( short 2)

99 Bo Dong, Qinghua Zheng, Mu Qiao, Jian Shu and Jie Yang
BlueSky Cloud Framework: an E-Learning Framework Embracing Cloud Computing

73 Anthony Sulistio, Christoph Reich and Frank Doelitzscher
Cloud Infrastructure & Applications - CloudIA

136 Guofu Zhou and Guoliang He
One Program Model for Cloud Computing

159 Xumei Shan and Hefeng Liu
Enterprise Cloud Architecture for Chinese Ministry of Railway

101 Tianze Xia, Zheng Li and Nenghai Yu
Research on Cloud Computing based on deep analysis to typical platforms

142 Jin Liu, Fei Liu, Xue Chen, Junfeng Wang
Automatic Construction of SP Problem-solving Resource Space

Miscellaneous ( short 3)

45 Shaocan Jiang, Luming Fang, Xiaoying Huang
An Idea of Special Cloud Computing in Forest Pests' Control

155 Jinzy Zhu, Shuang Yue, Meng Hua Niu, Qin Yu Liu, Xing Fang, Zhe Guo and Fan Cao
IBM Cloud Computing Powering a Smarter Planet

173 Ling Qian, Zhiguo Luo, Yujian Du, Leitao Guo
Cloud Computing: An Overview

96 Tian Zhimin, Lin Qi and Yang Guangwen
Integrating Cloud-Computing-Specific Model into Aircraft Design

Service Oriented and Utility Computing (short 4)

147 Huafei Zhu
Towards a Theory of Universally Composable Cloud Computing

118 Bu-Qing Cao , Bing Li, Qi-Ming Xia
A Service-Oriented Qos-Assured and Multi-Agent Cloud Computing Architecture

14 Hao Li, Guo Tang, Wei Guo, Changyan Sun, Shaowen Yao
Price-oriented Trading Optimization for Grid Resource

6 Wenjuan Li and Lingdi Ping
Trust model to enhance security and interoperability of cloud environment

Social and scientific computing (short 5)

144 Da Ning, Rong Peng
A Requirements Recommendation Method Based on Service Description

89 Ling Shang and Serge Petiton
Extending YML to be a middleware for scientific cloud computing

High Performance Computing (short 6)

156 Milan Milenkovic, Enrique Castro-Leon and James Blakley
Power-Aware management in Cloud Data Centers

112 Weizhong Zhao, Huifang Ma and Qing He
Parallel K-means Clustering Based on MapReduce

63 Mohammad Husain, Pankil Doshi, Latifur Khan and Bhavani Thuraisingham
Storage and Retrieval of Large RDF Graph Using Hadoop and MapReduce

123 Dadan Zeng, Xieqin Wang, Ningkang Jiang
Distributed Scheduling Extension on Hadoop

170 Leitao Guo, Hongwei Sun, Zhiguo Luo
A Data Distribution Aware Task Scheduling Strategy for MapReduce System

175 Jianping Zheng, Yue Sun, Wenhui Zhou
Cloud Computing based Internet Data Center

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