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About the Signal Processing Group

The Signal Processing Group is part of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Høgskolen i Stavanger. The core of the department's 3 year offerings are bachelor's programs in telecommunications, control, computer and power engineering. More specialized programs in medical electronics and aviation electronics are also offered. For students with a completed bachelor's degree the department also have master's programs in information technology with emphasis on computer application development, control engineering and signal-/image-processing. The Signal Processing Group is responsible for the 3-year bachelor's program in telecommunications engineering and the master's program in signal-/image-processing.

The bachelor's program provides the students with a solid foundation in analog and digital electronics, computer engineering fundamentals, signal processing and telecommunications. This broad focus makes our candidates well prepared for a wide range of careers in telecommunications and information technology. About 20 students graduate with a bachelor's degree in telecommunications engineering each year.

All the master's programs offered by the department consist of a a common core of intermediate level courses in mathematics, statistics and computer science. Students specializing in signal-/image-processing take several advanced level courses in those areas. About 15 students complete their master's degree annually with a thesis in signal-/image-processing.

The group collaborates with other groups within the department and with the Signal Processing Group at the Norwegian Institute of Technology. Some collaboration with Rogaland Research Institute and industry is also in the process of being established.



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The NORSIG and NOBIM WWW home pages contains, among others, links to various WWW pages of interest for the signal- and image-processing communities.


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