Seismic Data Compression Reference Set


This page contains some seismic data. The intention is to make some example data available to everybody who want to use some real seismic data to test their program or function. This page should make it possible for us working with seismic data, compression especially, to use some common data. Note that we at UiS have done little work in this field this millenum (since year 2000), and this page has only had cosmetic changes since then.

Seismic data format

SEG-Y is the dominant format for seismic data. Most data here are in another format, also used by Seismic Unix, the main difference is that floats are IEEE float in Seismic Unix format while SEG-Y format uses IBM-floats. To read these files into Matlab you may use the routines in SeismicLab or the slightly modified ones I have used and packed into, 4 kB, (these four files packed: readsegy.m, header.m, segy.mat, count.mat). Data may then be read into Matlab with the following command: [X,H] = readsegy('filename','tracl',1,120,1);
Some files may be in Matlab MAT-format and can be loaded into Matlab directly by the load command, or they may be gzipped Matlab files which must be unzipped before loaded into Matlab.

Pre-stack data

Post-stack (or just stacked) data

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