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Vinay Setty
Associate Professor
IAAI Group
Department of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science

Office: Kjølv Egelands hus, E-436 (map)
University of Stavanger
4036 Stavanger, Norway
email: vinay(dot)j(dot)setty(at)
Phone: +47 51832760
Postal Address: Universitetet i Stavanger
Kitty Kiellands hus
Rennebergstien 30
4021 Stavanger

Research Interests

My research area broadly includes information retrieval and text mining involving unstructured textual documents as well as structured knowledge graphs. Specifically, automated fact-checking, question answering and coversational search over knowledge graphs. These days I am spending more time on my startup Factiverse. In past I have worked on news event mining, ranking and recommendation etc. My past research areas also include designing systems and algorithms for scalable publish/subscribe systems with applications to social networks.


  • MediaFutures Research Centre for Responsible Media Technology and Innovation, headed by University of Bergen, Norway
  • Qweb Querying the Web of Data easily and efficiently, headed by Katja Hose
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