The software supplied here is copyright by Trygve Randen, but may be used freely for research purposes. Please contact me if you need to include it in commercial products.

The software is distributed as is in the hope that it will be useful. There is absolutely no warranty on the software or on consequences from use of the software.

If you install (parts of) this software and would like to share your experiences in form of guidelines etc. with others, please send your comments to me, and I'll post them here! Also, if you discover that anything that you need is missing from the distribution below, please inform me. Note however that there might be cross dependencies between the bullet points on the lists below, i.e. files under one bullet point might need files from another.

  Gabor and QMF Filter Bank Software (C-code)

  Optimal Texture Filter Design (MATLAB)
  Comparative Texture Classification Study (MATLAB)

See the comments regarding the publication in IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, April 1999.