• HotStuff BFT explained

    A short description of the HotStuff BFT protocoll, or my understanding of it. I wrote this up for my blockchain technology course. The targeted audience are blockchain entusiasts that do not necessarily have a distributed computing background.

  • Poster at SATIS Summer School

    I participated in the 1st ACM SIGOPS Summer School on Advanced Topics in Systems in Tromsø, Norway. Enjoyed great talks and did get some good feedback on my poster.

  • The Case for Reconfiguration without Consensus at OPODIS

    Our paper *The Case for Reconfiguration without Consensus: Comparing Algorithms for Atomic Storage* will appear at OPODIS.

  • Thesis defens

    I did complete my defens and Dr. Dahlia Malkhi and Prof. Fernando Pedone approved both my thesis and trial-lecture.

  • SmartMerge implementation public

    Our implelemtation of SmartMerge, Rambo, DynaStore and Speculating-Snapshot is now publicly available at

  • Thesis accepted

    My thesis did get accepted. The defense will be on june, 15th.

  • Thesis submitted

    I did submit my thesis with title: Reconfiguration for Fault Tolerant Services in an Asynchronous System


Recent Publications

More Publications


  • Formal Verification of HotStuff

    PDF Springer Video

  • Quorum Selection for Byzantine Fault Tolerance

    IEEE Xplore

  • Distributed storage system based on permissioned blockchain

    ACM DL

  • An Analysis of Quorum-based Abstractions: A Case Study using Gorums to Implement Raft


  • Towards New Abstractions for Implementing Quorum-Based Systems

    Details PDF

  • Reconfiguration for Fault Tolerant Services in an Asynchronous System

    Details PDF

  • SmartMerge: A New Approach to Reconfiguration for Atomic Storage

    Details PDF Slides

  • Replacement: Decentralized Failure Handling for Replicated State Machines

    Details PDF Slides Appendix

  • Asynchronous Reconfiguration for Paxos State Machines

    Details PDF

  • Tutorial Summary: Paxos Explained from Scratch


  • Towards Byzantine Fault Tolerant Publish/Subscribe: A State Machine Appraoch

    Details PDF


I did teach the following courses:

Spring 2018

  • DAT520: Distributed systems

Spring 2017

  • YMF110: Realfag 2: Mathematics and Physics

Fall 2016

  • YMF100: Realfag 1: Mathematics and Physics

Fall 2014

  • DAT200: Algorithms and Datastructures


I was co-supervisor to the following master and bachelor theses:

Master theses:

  • Patrick Håland, Chain replication in the XFT model, 2018
  • Tor Christian Frausing, A Reconfiguration modul for the Gorums framework, 2018
  • Sebastian M. Pedersen, A Practical Analysis of the Gorums Framework: A Case Study on Replicated Services with Raft, 2017
  • Eric Scott Freeman, Fast and reliable byzantine fault tolerance, 2016
  • Tormod Erevik Lea, Implementation and Experimental Evaluation of Live Replacement and Reconfiguration, 2013
  • Stephen Michael Joten, Acropolis: Aggregated Client Request Ordering by Paxos, 2013

Bachelor theses:

  • Tor Christian Frausing, Patrick Håland, Practical Cloud Storage, 2016
  • Emil Haaland and Stian Ramstad, Tolerating Arbitrary Failures in a Pub/Sub System, 2014
  • Knut Helland, Parallellisering og andre optimaliseringer på en Paxos implementasjon, 2014