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Conference date: November 30 and December 1, 2017



This first COTech conference is organized as part of the research and dissemination activities of the Program Area for research "COTech - Computational methods in Offshore Technology" at Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Stavanger (UiS). The Program Area for research was founded in 2015 with seven professor, four assoc. professors, two adj. professors and five research (PhD) students as founding members from the department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science (IKM), whose expertise and competence lies primarily within marine technology, marine operations, design and analysis of mechanical systems, integrity and reliability of offshore structures and mechanical systems

The initiative to establish the Program Area within Computational Methods in Offshore Technology emerges from the following three current facts:

1)   Simulation using computational methods is today an essential tool for innovative works and widely used for research and development in both academia and industrial activities.

2)  The number of researchers at the department (IKM) whose research and teaching activities are directly related with applied computational methods is increasing.

3) There is a general understanding for the need to increase synergy effects across the multidisciplinary research groups at the department, i.e. offshore technology, mechanical and structural engineering groups, to develop more joint efforts for publication and research projects.

In the offshore-related engineering area in particular, numerical computation approach is not only serving as a means to cultivate and realize innovative ideas, but also it is becoming the primary choice to solve complex engineering problems for the harsh and unfriendly environment. Through this Program Area for research, the group's ambition is to become a center of excellence in marine and offshore technology. 

The Program Area is divided into five workpackages as shown below.