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Homepage of Steinar Evje
Applied and Computational Mathematics
Department of Petroleum Engineering
Faculty of Science and Technology
University of Stavanger
4036 Stavanger, Norway
Tlf: 51 83 17 41


My research focus on development of mathematical models that can be used to gain insight into fundamental mechanisms for various transport/reaction processes.

Currently, special focus is on porous media flow processes relevant for IOR (increased oil recovery). In particular, the work aims at increased understanding of
This modelling activity is tightly coupled to corresponding experimental activity carried out at UiS (University of Stavanger) and IRIS. The experimental and computational efforts are complimentary because often it is easier to test hypotheses with the models prior to performing designed experiments. On the other hand, the interaction with laboratory experiments allow for investigations that foster new developments with the mathematical models and computational schemes.

I also work with gas-liquid models that, among many different applications, are highly relevant for improved understanding and control of various well/pipeline operations. Focus is on both development of the models itself that can represent the multiphase processes, evaluation in light of lab experiments, and development of computational methods. Various averaged models are considered like
Mathematical analysis is also carried out to ensure that models are well-defined, to gain insight into various coupling mechanisms, as well as to obtain insight useful for development of numerical schemes. For an example of this, see the
SIAM nugget for August 2011:
          A math-based model for deep-water oil drilling



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