The Stavanger Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Fall 2016: The seminar takes place on Thursday 10:15-12:00 (at most).

Previous terms:

Spring 2017

19 January: Marco Rampazzo, Room KE-D225

Wall-crossing I

26 January: Marco Rampazzo, Room KE-D225

Wall-crossing II

2 February: Riccardo Moschetti, Room KE-D225

Stability conditions in the derived category of the double point

9 February: Sammy A. Soulimani, Room KE-D225

Wall-crossing III

16 February: Andrea Ricolfi, Room KE-D225

Introduction to motives

23 February: Riccardo Moschetti, Room KE-D225

Fano variety and rationality problems for cubic fourfolds

2 March: Martin Gulbrandsen, Room KE-D225

Hilbert scheme degenerations

9 March: Andrea Ricolfi & Martin Gulbrandsen, Room KE-D225

Explicit computations with artinian modules

16 March: Marco Rampazzo, Room KE-D225, 10:15 - 12:00

Moduli Spaces (Mirror Symmetry Seminar)

17 March: Sofia Tirabassi (UiB), Room KE-D225 10:15 - 12:00

(Twisted) Derived Categories of Enriques surfaces in positive characteristic

Abstract: I will talk about some recent results on derived categories of Enriques surfaces in characterisitc 2
and explain some work in progress whose aim is to get a positve characterisitc derived Torelli theorem.

30 March: Riccardo Moschetti, Room KE-D225

Concerning twists

6 April:
Martin Gulbrandsen, Room KE-D225

Construction of stability conditions II

April 20-25 events

27 April: Sammy A. Soulimani, Room KE-D225

Lagrangian fibrations via stability conditions

Thursday 1st June, 10:15-12:00, Room : D-225

Speaker:  Alessandra Sarti.

Title: Pell's equation and automorphisms of Hilbert schemes.

Abstract: I will report on recent results in collaboration with Samuel  Boissière, Andrea Cattaneo and Marc Nieper-Wisskirchen on the  
automorphism group of the Hilbert scheme of two points on a generic K3 surface of any polarization.
In this case the Picard  number of the Hilbert scheme is two, which is  the minimal possible.
In particular by using ampleness results of Bayer-Macri and a detailed study of the isometries of the Picard lattice, I show the existence of  
non-natural non-symplectic involutions on some Hilbert scheme, depending on the degree of the polarization. In all the results the  
solutions of certain Pell's equation play a fundamental role. Time permitting I will give some overview on the situation for higher  
dimension which is the PhD topic of Alberto Cattaneo.

Friday 2nd June, 10:15-12:00, Room : D-225

Speaker: Samuel Boissière

Cubic hypersurfaces and hyperkaehler manifolds uniformized by the 10-dimensional complex ball.

In a famous paper, Allcock, Carlson and Toledo described the moduli space of cubic threefolds as an arithmetic
quotient of the complementary of a hyperplane arrangement in a 10-dimensional complex ball. In this talk, I will  
give an interpretation of this moduli space as the space parametrizing the deformations of non-symplectic
automorphisms of order three acting on some classical family of polarized hyperkaehler
manifolds. This is a work in collaboration with Chiara Camere and Alessandra Sarti.

8 June : Riccardo Moschetti, Room KE-D225

Homological projective duality for determinantal varieties