Image texture classification with digital filter banks and transforms

John Håkon Husøy, Trygve Randen and Thor O. Gulsrud
Rogaland University Center
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Box 2557 Ullandhaug
N-4004 Stavanger

In Proc. SPIE International symposium on optical instrumentation and applied science: Applications of Digital Image Processing XVI, San Diego, July 1993, pp. 260-271

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Several frequency domain or joint spatial/frequency domain techniques for image texture classification have been published. We formulate these techniques within a common signal processing framework based on digital filter banks. The usefulness of computationally efficient IIR filter banks as channel filters in texture classifiers is demonstrated. Using estimates of local energy in the frequency channels we also propose at technique for selecting optimum filter banks by maximizing a between class distance measure. This optimization is particularly simple when using the IIR based filter banks.