NORSIG, the Norwegian Signal Processing Society, is the only national community for signal processing in Norway, and is also the leading community in the Nordic countries.

The objective of NORSIG is to form a channel for creating and exchanging ideas for solutions, scientific experience, projects etc. between its members. NORSIG, through its activities, forms a connection between members, between members and suppliers of signal processing tools, and between academic and industrial actors in Norway.

In an effort to keep the members up to date on the international digital signal processing state of the art, NORSIG has formed alliances with similar communities in the other Nordic countries as well as the IEEE Norway Section and the IEEE Signal Processing Society. These alliances have led to several joint conferences and workshops.

NORSIG took the initiative to the biannual Nordic conference on signal processing, where signal processing professionals in the different countries meet and exchange ideas. Furthermore, NORSIG hosts the biannual Norwegian Signal Processing Symposium, and NORSIG was also part of the arrangement committee for the 7th IEEE Digital Signal Processing Workshop 1996 in Loen, 1996.

To further keep the members updated, NORSIG publishes the quarterly magazine NORSIGnalet (in Norwegian). Vidar Markhus is the editor of NORSIGnalet and he may be contacted via e-mail NORSIGnalet@norsig.no.

The activities of NORSIG is the sum of the activities of the members of NORSIG, and information on the activities may be found on the WWW homepages of the companies and institutions hosting our members.