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Conference date: November 27 - 29, 2019


Call for papers

This conference is organized as joint event of the 2nd  COTech (Computational Methods in Offshore Technology) and OGTech (Oil and Gas Technology) to provide a platform for academics and professionals working within both the Offshore and oil and gas technologies to come together, present their recent works in the area, exchange ideas, and establish professional networks. It will serve as a forum for a multidisciplinary research and brings together Norwegian and invited foreign researchers to enable them exchange their research experience and dessiminate their results within the field.  

Topics for presentation on the conference and publication include, but are not limited to, the following research and application areas.

Send your contributions to the topic coordinators by e-mail (check important dates in the RH column).

1. Wind Engineering and Renewable Energy
Topic coordinator: Prof. Jasna B. Jakobsen

      Wind field measurements and modelling 
      -  Wind effects on long-span bridges and other 
       civil engineering structures
    - Wind turbine loads and wind energy production
    - Wind and wave action on floating bridges and 
       offshore wind turbines 
    - Computational wind engineering

       -  Structural health monitoring of wind sensitive structures

  2. Advanced Computational Methods and Applications 
      in Marine and Offshore Technology 

Topic coordinator: Prof. Muk Chen Ong

          - Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
     - Fluid-structure interaction
     - Marine technology and operations
     - Subsea engineering
     - Offsh
ore wind energy simulation

  3. Computational mechanics and Design Optimization
    Topic coordinator: Prof. Dimitrios Pavlou

Finite element methods in offshore system analysis
      Boundary Element Method (BEM)
    -  Finite volume method (FVM)
Multi-body dynamics
Isogeometric analysis
      -  Computational fracture mechanics
    -  Numerical analysis of FRP materials
    -  Mechanical system modelling and simulation
Modelling and analysis of additive manufactured parts
Topology optimization
Modelling and analysis of discrete  event systems
Performance improvement of energy convertors 

4. Structural Integrity Management and Life Extension 
  of Structures
    Topic coordinator: Prof. II Ersdal Gerhard 
(E-mail:gerhard.ersdal@uis.no or

Structural integrity management 
   - Loads and load changes to (ageing) structures
   - Structural degradation and damage
   - Methods for evaluating damage in structures
   - Strength of degraded and damaged structural members
   - Life-extension of offshore structures and remaining 
      life predictions 
   - Nonlinear structural analysis & design
   - Structural reliability and safety
   - Retrofitting, strengthening and repairing of 
      deteriorated and damaged structures
   - Fatigue analysis of offshore systems
   - Fatigue-Corrosion interaction
   - Fatigue life prediction of engineering structures
   - Fatigue and fracture mechanics in structural 
      integrity assessments
   - Corrosion protection & evaluation of corrosion damage
   - Inspection and non-destructive testing of offshore
   - Structural health monitoring and sensor technologies

 5. Oil & Gas Field Development in the Cold Climate Region
    Topic coordinator: Prof. Ove Tobias Gudmestad

      - Technical solutions for field development, 
         including subsea technology 
     - The physical environment
      - Concerns for the clean environment, 
        including oil spill contingency

Safety for personnel 
- Transport solution Technology, including 
       discussions of LNG transport along the Northern Sea

6. Energy Resources Development in the Arctic  
    Topic coordinator: Prof. Anatoly Zolotukhin

    -     Conceptual and technical solutions for the Oil and 
      Gas field development
   -  Transport and logistics, industrial and 
       environmental safety issues
    -  Development of hydrocarbon resources
    -  Alternative resources development  

7. Technologies in the Upstream Sector in Oil- and Gas Industry with Emphasis on the High North
Topic coordinator: Prof.
Tor H. Hemmingsen

    - Pipeline transport of hydrocarbons
- Sour and sweet corrosion
   - Corrosion inhibition
   - Scale inhibtion
   - Hydrate prevention
   - Wax and asphaltene treatment

8. Industrial Engineering in Industry 4.0
Topic coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Idriss El-thalji
                     (E-mail: idriss.el-thalji@uis.no

9. Special events

a. Student Session (On Nov. 27, afternoon)
Prof. Dimitrios Pavlou and Prof. Anatoly Zolotukhin

   - Oil and gas
   - Arctic technology
   - Drilling technology
   - Pipelines
   - Logistics for oil and gas transport

b. Special event by Prof. Emiretus Ove T Gudmestad 
    and Prof. Anatoly Zolotukhin

Presentation of book of abstracts on Gubkin University - University of Stavanger Double Degree Master Programme 

c. Special event by Prof. Arnfinn Nergaard
     Presentation of a new book: 
    "50 years of subsea success in Norway"



Important dates:
-   Submission of abstracts 
(by e-mail):May 1, 2019

New deadline:
June 15, 2019

- Submission of full manuscript 
(max. 10 pages): Aug. 31, 2019

Note: We welcome your full manuscripts, though abstract is not submitted in advance

- Completion of review:
 Sept. 15, 201

Resubmission of revised manuscript: 
Sept. 30, 201

- Registration deadline:
  Oct. 20, 2019  

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Conference date:
Nov. 27 - 29, 2019

Note: Nov. 27 is dedicated for student presentations

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